Has the Covid killed ski vacations?

While the UK last week dropped all testing requirements for Brits returning from abroad, the ever-changing rules for entering other countries are not easy to navigate for many who are simply exhausted. by pandemic fatigue.

Jemma Sayers, an equestrian physiotherapist from Dorset, said: ‘My fiance and I normally go snowboarding this time of year, but we just don’t want to because of all the hassle of PCR and maybe be in quarantine when we get home. . I work incredibly hard and have a big business to run with enough hassle every day so I don’t want to worry anymore. Hopefully things will be a little easier this summer.

I went twice this year – to Andermatt (Switzerland) for its opening weekend in October and then in December to Les Arcs (France) then Verbier (Switzerland). While wearing a mask at altitude took some getting used to, and showing your Covid pass at every bar, restaurant, and hotel you walk into is a pain, it’s an easy swap for the fun that can still be done. taken on the slopes. (Although I pity anyone, especially families, who tries to complete a passenger locator form for the first time.)

The real problem is testing, even if you are negative. Testing adds additional cost, time and stress to the trip, not to mention worry. In preparing for my two ski trips, navigating the ever-changing test landscape was tedious. I got worried, yelled at the computer and made mistakes buying the wrong tests, not getting them delivered on time, and having to re-rent at the last minute – and I’m traveling to earn my money. life !

A family of five I know returned from two weeks of skiing in La Rosiere, France on January 3 (they escaped before the border closed) and were still in isolation a week later, awaiting the results of PCR with children missing the first week of school.

Then there were the planes full of British skiers turned away from Innsbruck on Boxing Day for messing around with paperwork thanks to rules that were changed without notice. We have also seen many cancellations of flights with little or no warning from the airlines.

If you can bear the administrator, things are relatively normal in Switzerland, which last winter kept its ski resorts open and the ski lifts running for tourists. In Andermatt as in Verbier, I managed to eat fondue and give myself a hangover by drinking shots.

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