Credit for small and medium-sized businesses

Credit for small and medium-sized businesses

Are you thinking of modernizing or expanding your business with small business credit or is your company medium-sized? For microentrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with growth or modernization projects or expansion of commerce or industry, the various banks and financial credit including government institutions offer money at affordable rates for every size of business.

The credits support small and medium businessmen, in the financial market it is not difficult to find exclusive offers and with very advantageous conditions. Small business credit ranges from cash flow loans to financing without too much bureaucracy for investment in the sensitive areas of the business.

Credit to MPE’s

Credit to MPE

In general, credit for SMEs occurs quickly and targets most areas of the economic sector. Credit for small and medium-sized enterprises can be granted in short, medium or long terms with exclusive and competitive rates, since there is a lot of credit available for this purpose.

Resources can be earmarked for the organization or reorganization of your financial flow, or for application in new projects or even serve as working capital. The choice of the credit modality and the forms of payments in one, two or several installments will depend on the need and the cash flow of the company.
In general, banks do not ask for evidence of use of the asset, except for some differentiated and government credit programs, most offer credit to companies with great convenience.

Working Capital for Small Businesses

Working Capital for Small Businesses

If your company is in need of financial resources to move, reset the working capital or even avoid bankruptcy, look for the loan in banks and suitable financiers and stay alert with doubtful credit companies that offer this kind of credit on the internet or newspapers with too many advantages.

Take advantage also to read the loan articles to open a company, have access to the 3 FINEP credit programs for companies, find out how to get credit from PROGER to company, this needing financial resources know how to get a loan for microentrepreneur to invest.

Small Business Credit Doing Business

It is worth remembering that Law 10.735 / 03 stipulates that private financial institutions and public banks use 2% of demand deposit balances in microcredit operations to benefit economic growth.

Who benefits from small business credit in banks and finance?

  1. Individuals with low income and per capita income of the family below the poverty line;
  2. Individuals who hold special accounts for deposits;
  3. Individuals holding deposit accounts, individually or jointly held in banking and financial institutions with an average monthly transaction of less than R $ 3 thousand.
  4. Microentrepreneurs constituted as individuals or corporations with enterprises of productive activity of a professional, commercial or industrial nature, but the income does not exceed R $ 120 thousand per year.

100% Online Loans for Companies

100% Online Loans for Companies


Mimba is a new company and came to revolutionize the financial market for investments and loans. Tired of old problems such as the restriction of access to credit and the high bureaucracy practiced by the banks, it offers its clients the simplicity of acquiring credit and total financial empowerment, becoming the first company to offer the peer to peer lending loan in the Brazil.


With the intention of bringing modernity to business life, Lexaso is a fully online platform that connects easily all investors and companies that need loans. In this platform, there are no bureaucracies or abusive fees to effect the transaction, making the process much faster, fair and efficient.

The loan model that Lexaso works on is the peer to peer, that is, its mission is to bridge the gap between the company seeking the loan and the investor (individual) who transfers the loan. This connection is made completely online, in a secure environment and without almost any type of bureaucracy.


Capitalizer Company Loan – “In Brazil, the universe of micro, small and medium enterprises is reaching 20 million, and in this scenario many credit companies are emerging in search of financing and credit for money and with better interest rates than banks private.

Small Business Loan

Small Business Loan

It has already been noticed that both legal entities constituted as micro-companies, small companies, medium and MEI’s and also micro-entrepreneurs, individuals or corporations, have access to credit lines and modalities that reach a wide range of purposes.

In Brazil there have been many cheaper credit and financing platforms than banks for companies, if you want to know more, go to: The best lending platforms 100% online and also the complete guide to online lending, and for individuals 6 lending sites for people physics.

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