Getting a bank loan can be a great way out. Whether it is to repay a previous debt or to make a wish, the “extra” money facilitates the cash payment and guarantees some discounts. Even for other debts: just negotiate directly with the company you owe, and conditions usually improve.

Getting the values, however, deserves consideration. After all, the consumer is acquiring a new debt, and must pay it on time. So, choosing the best bank is an important step.

What is the best loan bank?

What is the best loan bank?

The definition of the best bank varies with the type of loan to be obtained. If values ​​are obtained by payroll, for example, the employee of a private company does not have many options: he will only obtain values ​​with the institution that has an agreement with his company.

The payroll loan is a credit option in which the installments of payment to the bank are debited directly from the worker’s payroll. Only employees with a formal contract, beneficiaries of the INSS and civil servants can obtain loans of this type.

Payroll loan is available for retirees and pensioners of the INSS, public servants and workers with a formal contract.

For public employees and beneficiaries of the INSS, there are numerous alternatives for banks. Individuals can choose those that are most enjoyable to them.

Since benefits are automatically deducted, the bank feels more secure about payment. Thus, it offers more interesting rates to the consumer. Costs vary by audience.

What else to analyze

What else to analyze

When it comes to getting a loan at the bank you need to evaluate several requirements besides interest. What is your relationship with the company? Do you trust your manager? What is the deadline for discharge of the debt? What penalties and penalties in case of late payment? What other consumers say about the bank service?

When looking for credit, always analyze the Total Effective Cost of the business, not just the monthly interest rates.

So, before joining the service that has lower interest rates, evaluate all of these aspects. A good alternative is to visit the Reclame Aqui website, the main complaint portal in the country. There you can check what the customers’ opinions on the bank’s services are, and if the financial seeks to solve the problems of consumers.

Another essential point for analysis is the so-called Total Effective Cost (CET). The CET is the sum of all fees charged by the financial institution, including interest, insurance and other amounts.

Sometimes, even if the bank has lower interest rates, its CET may be higher than that of a higher-interest bank. Therefore, it should always be evaluated.

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