It is quite possible to get a loan to buy a business in Russia today, and it is of great importance who exactly is the person acquiring the business, what are its prospects and plans. By issuing such loans, banks are treated with great care.

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After bank employees review the application and all materials attached to it, a decision will be made on the application submitted.

If the claimant has security for the transaction and a positive decision of the bank to provide it, an agreement is concluded, requiring all the materials to be signed by both parties.

An application for a loan can also be submitted via the Internet, not the bank site, which the client has chosen. At the same time, he is obliged to fill out a certain questionnaire, in order to provide the bank with the most complete information about himself and his business.

Only after that, it becomes possible for the bank employees to consider the submitted application.

The results of the client additionally reported by phone. With a favorable bank decision, the client should personally appear in his branch to agree on formalities, sign documents and receive funds.

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Making a loan to buy a business can help appeal to the union of entrepreneurs.

However, this will require proof of the professionalism of the borrower and his ability to conduct business. In such cases, it is obligatory to submit a business plan for consideration.


Before you apply to the bank for a loan to purchase a business, you should conduct some training.

It is worth checking whether the company whose purchase we are talking about is not in debt to potential creditors.

When collecting a certain amount of certificates about the absence of debts from the acquired enterprise increases the chances of buying it.

The basic conditions for granting a loan for the purchase of a business are as follows:

  • the loan recipient is obliged to apply for a loan in the form prescribed by the bank;
  • when you apply, you should submit to the bank all the necessary case materials;
  • on the purchased object should be presented detailed information on the state of affairs on it;
  • there must be security for the transaction in the form of a guarantee or pledge;
  • the loan recipient must have his own enterprise with stable economic indicators.

The bank is always insured when concluding such transactions and provides loans only if the borrower has its own business with stable economic indicators.

For this, it is necessary to provide the recipient of the loan with detailed and accurate reporting.



Obtaining a loan to purchase a business secured by real estate or any other property is possible taking into account a significant increase in the loan period. In such cases, in some banks, it can reach twenty years.

All this time, borrowers can easily implement their own business plans. When you pledge real estate a significant disadvantage is the high-interest rates on the loan.

To purchase equipment

To purchase equipment 

When lending for the purchase of equipment for running the finished business, the borrower should definitely submit to the bank a detailed plan for its further intended use.

Otherwise, the receipt of funds is unlikely to count. In some banks in such cases, a down payment is required, ranging from 15 to 35% of the loan amount. Consideration of the application, as a rule, does not take more than a week.

Real Estate

Real Estate 

Upon receipt of loan funds for the purchase of real estate, no collateral for the transaction is required to run a business.

In such cases, the property itself acquires serves as a pledge for the transaction. The recipient of funds should submit to the bank a detailed plan for the implementation of a business project.

Credit for the purchase of a ready business

Credit for the purchase of a ready business 

Getting a loan to buy a ready-made business is of interest to companies that are concerned about expanding their own business.

Borrowed funds are profitable to attract representatives of large businesses to buy small competitors and increase the profitability of their own company.

In addition to representatives of business structures, a loan for the purchase of a ready-made business may also be of interest to ordinary individuals who have no legal form of registration.

However, in this case, it will be necessary to receive credit funds without determining the purpose of taking them. From the point of view of the applicants, the receipt of such a loan is no different from an ordinary consumer loan.

To obtain funds, it is obligatory to raise loan security, otherwise, it will not be possible to receive it.

It is a guarantee of repayment of loan funds. In such cases, the collateral is expensive real estate, plots of land, cars of high value, as well as other highly liquid assets.

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In Moscow

In Moscow

Buying a ready business in Moscow is quite a profitable enterprise.

This is facilitated by the following reasons:

  1. There are no initial risks for the buyer since he acquires not the opening firm, but a company that has been operating for some time. Entrepreneurship is already established and brings a certain amount of profit.
  2. When buying an existing business, the buyer is exempt from any additional costs. He no longer needs to purchase goods from scratch, register a business, buy equipment, rent an office, and so on.
  3. When selling the existing business in the capital, not only the assets of the company but also a well-trained team of professional employees, become the property of the new owner. As a result, all currently available resources can be immediately directed to the development of the business.

Thus, the purchase of a ready business in Moscow will help not only to start his own business but also to continue and develop an existing one.

Before you make a deal, you should carefully study the specifics of the case, the assets of the company and its growth prospects.

Purchase of ready business in the capital of the country is carried out on specialized Internet portals.

Requirements for borrowers

Requirements for borrowers

To obtain a loan for the purchase of an existing business, the recipient must comply with the following conditions:

  1. The recipient is obliged to submit to the bank an application according to the form accepted at the bank.
  2. It is imperative that the recipient provides the bank with the total amount of documents requested in the transaction.
  3. The borrower should submit to the bank evidence of his own solvency as an entrepreneur.
  4. It is imperative that the borrower has guarantors for the concluded deal or collateral for it.
  5. Necessarily confirmation by the borrower of the fact of their own Russian citizenship.
  6. The borrower must have an ideal credit history.
  7. The borrower should submit a detailed business plan to the bank.
  8. In some cases, the borrower must make the first payment on the loan.

List of required documents

List of required documents

To get a loan for the purchase of a ready-made business, the client should submit the following documents to the bank:

  1. The detailed business plan for the development of the project.
  2. Application for funds made according to the form accepted in the bank.
  3. Passport of a citizen of the country.
  4. Documents on the activities of the enterprise of the borrower, confirming the fact of its conduct.
  5. Bank statements confirming the availability of turnovers for the studied period of time in the accounts of the borrower’s company.

How much to expect?

How much to expect?

The size of the loan amount depends on a variety of factors determined by the policy of the bank that issues the loan.

On average, when buying a ready-made business, the borrower can expect to receive the amount from 50,000 to 35,000,000 rubles.

Interest rates

The size of interest rates on the transaction is determined by the terms of the loan agreement.

On average, for loans of this type, they range from 13 to 18% per annum in rubles.



The timing of a business loan is determined by the terms of the agreement that the client enters into with the bank.

To date, the average time for issuing loans equals a period of time from one year to 15 years.

In some cases, when placing a real estate pledge, loans can be issued for up to twenty years.


Terms of payments on loans are agreed with the client individually.

Payment methods may be as follows:

  • non-cash payments from the settlement account of the organization receiving funds;
  • making regular payments every month in cash to the cash office of the bank that the customer has chosen;
  • making an invoice in the repayment of debt through an ATM;
  • online payments on the website of the crediting organization.

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Pros and cons ↑

Receiving funds for a business purchase has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of this type of lending are as follows:

  1. The recipient of funds has the ability to purchase the ownership of an already operating enterprise.
  2. When buying a business case, there is no need to register it.
  3. Applications are made fairly quickly.
  4. The recipient can be a legal organization or a private person.

Cons of such loans:

  1. A loan for the purchase of a business is provided only when the borrower confirms the reliability of his business reputation.
  2. Upon receipt of the loan, the deposit of the transaction or the provision of guarantors is required.
  3. To obtain a loan, the recipient must provide a large list of documents that are carefully checked.
  4. The need to make regular payments to eliminate debt on the loan.

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