In Brazil, microenterprises and medium-sized companies have a wide line of credit and loans to set up businesses or cover the needs of funds and investments for any type of follow-up. Let’s check out the new line of credits for MPEs by targeting companies that are eyeing the sporting events that should happen in Brazil, especially for those who are excited about the Confederations Cup and the World Cup, which are getting closer and closer.

With the new loan lines for MPEs you will find that your board goal can also be in the new business targeted to this sector. In the world view, Brazil is willing to act as a service provider, including the incentives of public and private banks. It is worth remembering that many investors have resources available to assist aspiring candidates in setting up businesses, the so-called Angels (Business Investor) are also looking at new formulas to increase their capital with new business.

It will come out in front who offers the best services and products, besides the costs this is fact! Shortly, Brazillian bank, for example, announced the launch of a credit line to finance investments for micro and small businesses in the tourism sector, with interest rates of 0.77% per month, payment terms for up to 84 months (seven years) and two years grace period, when only interest on the contract is paid.

The credit divisions work as follows: 50% of the funds come from the Public Server Patrimony Training Program and 50% from Brazillian bank’s own account. Still according to the bank, this composition allows the savings of 50% of the value of the Tax on Financial Operations (IOF), since the charge does not affect Pasep’s resources. But attention, in order to have access to the loan for MSEs , it is necessary that your company be an account holder of BB, have an active registration and credit limit analyzed.

Where to start?

Where to start?

To set up businesses with loans for MSEs has a certain destination, according to financial experts, resources would be better invested in transport, hotels and hotels, in the confection, food, retail trade, sports and personnel training services such as language courses (English, Spanish, etc.) and dozens of franchises. These are the segments that will drive demand for both Brazilians and foreigners who will visit our country in this time of sports.

The other novelty of Brazillian bank together with Brazillybank, is the exclusivity for the promotion of MSEs that are BB clients abroad. This partnership provides for the development of international business portal so that customers can include their products and services for promotion in the global market and the creation of free and exclusive hotsite, we remember that in this case the language used is English, that is, your company will be released worldwide.

Anyone who has an interest, can publicize its brand, sell its products and services and prepare for the warm up caused by these major sporting events that will take place in the country as well as in other parts of the world.

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