If you have an innovative idea in your head but what you lack is the economic availability to start your start up, the solution that is right for you is undoubtedly that of non -repayable loans. Let’s see how they work and what are the requirements to have access to the funds allocated by the European Union for this 2019.

How to obtain a repayable loan for the Start Up

That of non-repayable loans is certainly the most convenient option to grant credit in absolute terms. This, in fact, as underlined by the name itself, provides for a partial reimbursement of the sum loaned to us, given that the remaining part is, in fact, a lost sum. But why should a bank give such funding? Obviously this is not a product for which we can turn to a financial company, which would have no financial return.

The non-repayable loans are born with the aim of relaunching the country’s economy, and therefore lower the unemployment rate, young and not only, which has become unsustainable in Italy. The EU allocates European funds for start-up loans each year. These funds are therefore sent from the EU and then managed by the Regions. So if you are interested in starting a business, what you need to do is contact your region of residence. Being a remarkably advantageous product, there are many requests that every year are sent to the various Regions. If you believe that your start up can be particularly innovative and you think that your project may be of public interest, what you need to do is visit the website of your region, where you will find all the information about how to send the request and loan disbursement.

What you need to do is fill in a form with your personal data and the characteristics of the activity you wish to start. Once this request has been sent, only the requests that meet the requirements defined in the announcement to which you choose to participate will be selected. Among the requisites usually required, we find first of all that concerning the residence of the activity that we want to start, which must necessarily be on the Italian territory. It should be noted that even the start-ups already started can access this type of financing, albeit with some limitations. First of all it is necessary to be registered with the Business Register. Moreover, they must not have been useful products in the last two years and finally the activity in question must be of high technological content and above all very innovative.

2019 non-repayable loans for innovative start-ups: the best opportunities

If you are interested in starting a start up, the opportunities offered by the various Regions are different. Let’s see in detail the best projects available for this 2019. Starting from northern Italy, precisely in Milan, we find ” Intraprendo “. This project is aimed in particular at young entrepreneurs, aged under 35 years. This is a total of 30 million, aimed at helping the Lombard companies.

Even the citizens of Piedmont can apply for a non-repayable loan for innovative start-ups, participating in the call for bids from the Region. In this case the subjects that can present the request are all university researchers, and unemployed persons under the age of 40. In central Italy, for example, we find the announcement of ” Lazio Innova “, while in Campania the ” Campania Youth Guarantee ” program offers concrete help to young entrepreneurs.

Finally, as far as Southern Italy is concerned, ” Selfiemployment ” is the call for proposals in Sicily, aimed at only under 30, while if you are a citizen of Puglia, the project addressed to you is ” Nidi “. The ones just listed are just some of the calls for participation in a non-repayable loan to start a business. If your region of residence is not among those mentioned above, what you need to do is visit the website of the Region and access the area dedicated to active calls, where you will find all the information about it, in order to finally receive the desired financing.

Female Start Up Funding: Requirements for Non-repayable Loans

Female Start Up Funding: Requirements for Non-repayable Loans

One of the categories of customers most affected by start-up loans for start-ups is women. If in Italy it is particularly difficult to start up one ‘s own business, it is probably even more for women: this is why the non – repayable loans for women entrepreneurs are born. This type of financing is aimed in particular at small and medium-sized enterprises made up mainly of women. In the case of an individual firm, the owner must obviously be a woman. Among the companies that can apply for subsidized funding for female entrepreneurship there are also all the companies of people and cooperatives that are composed of at least 60% of female members.

With regard to joint-stock companies, in the notices reserved for female companies it is specified that at least 2/3 of the shares must necessarily be in the possession of women. To this constraint is added the one concerning the administration of the society, which must be composed for at least 1/3 of women. In addition, requirements are defined that must be respected by female start-ups interested in receiving a non-repayable loan. The total number of employees in the company must be less than 50. As for turnover, this will necessarily have to be less than 7 million euros or less than 5 million euros in the balance sheet total. Finally, all companies that are dependent on participating companies can not receive non-repayable loans for female entrepreneurs.

There are many interesting opportunities for female companies that meet the requirements listed above. The most important facility is, as always, that of non- repayable loans, which will allow you to receive the desired amount of money with the obligation to return only a part, which is usually equal to 50% of the capital financed. Above all, due to the great demand for this type of loans, unfortunately it is not always possible to access non-repayable loans. There are, however, some interesting alternatives for female entrepreneurs such as low-interest loans, which save on the cost of interest. The Guarantee Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises made up mostly of women is also very useful. The SME Fund offers companies the opportunity to receive the desired loan from banks and financial institutions without having to present additional guarantees.

Financing Start Up young entrepreneurs: active tenders throughout Italy

As mentioned earlier, this year 2019 there are great opportunities for young entrepreneurs interested in starting a new start-up. We all know how complicated it is for young Italians to undertake an independent working life. Every business activity, small or big, needs some initial investment. If you do not have the money to start your own business you have to resort to funding, but unfortunately many times the banks are not willing to give young people who have no income document to be submitted. To overcome these difficulties there are also in this case the subsidized loans that are born thanks to European funds.

There are many calls for proposals in every region of Italy, which are aimed at young people wishing to start a start up in any sector of the economy. From agriculture to industry, but also trade and tourism: any activity can be financed, provided that the beneficiary of the loan is a young person between the ages of 18 and 36 and that the business plan of the activity is composed from the eligible expenses specified for each call. So before submitting the application it will be necessary to establish the expenses that you want to face in order to realize our project. Obviously we will have to stay within the limits of expenditure defined in the announcement.

Among the most important projects aimed at young people for 2019 there is ” Rest in the South “, obviously addressed to residents in the regions of Southern Italy. All sectors of the economy are affected by this announcement, which offers young entrepreneurs the opportunity to obtain a non -repayable loan for 35% of eligible expenses. The remaining part of the loan will be disbursed at subsidized interest rates and even without guarantees, thanks to the Guarantee Fund for SMEs. Among the most interesting invitations promoted by Invitalia for young entrepreneurs we also point out ” New Companies at Zero Rate “. Participating in this call will be possible to finance business projects up to a maximum of 1.5 million euros. The financing will be 75% at a zero rate, while the remaining part requires co-financing from the company.



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