Bocian – pożyczki domowe i pożyczki dla firm

The company Paleo specializes in providing quick non-bank loans in the client’s home. Its offer also includes loans for companies.

Stork Loans is a brand owned by unifinance – a company that has many years of experience in the field of granting cash loans. It has been available on the market since 2000. Currently, it operates throughout Poland.

For loans in the Paleocompany you can apply mainly through telephone contact – then we can order a meeting with a company employee who will be able to present a full offer upon arrival. You can also fill out the form on the company’s website – then your employee will call you back and arrange a meeting.

What is a Paleo loan?

The Paleocompany specializes in field service loans presented by Customer Advisors. Therefore, we do not have to leave the house to obtain a loan. This is an alternative to currently popular non-bank companies offering on-line loans. Her services are primarily chosen by people who do not have access to the network, do not know how to use computers and the Internet, but also those who care about getting everything from home and getting cash in hand.

As we mentioned at the beginning, loans from the Paleocompany are available in two variants – as a home loan and a loan for companies. Below we present detailed information about them.

Stork – a home loan

Stork - a home loan

It is a loan granted in the most convenient place for the client, in other words in his home. It involves the completion of all formalities at home by the adviser, without the need to go to the company’s headquarters. The minimum loan amount is PLN 500, while the maximum sum is determined based on the client’s creditworthiness. The company provides a wide repayment – we have a choice of 25, 35, 44 or 52 weeks. Installments are paid weekly to the adviser arriving home. We receive money in the form of cash or prepaid card, which gives additional discounts.

In order to get a loan you must be an adult and be up to 75 years old, have a permanent check-in and a permanent source of income – salary, pension or retirement. Loans are also offered to farmers. There is a possibility of obtaining a loan without BIK – the company indicates on its website that each accepted application is considered individually.

Stork – loan for companies

Stork - loan for companies

This loan is intended for entrepreneurs who need financial support. It is granted on individual terms. A photocopy of the entry in the CEIDG, the last 3 sections from the Social Insurance Institution, a tax return for the previous year and a photocopy of the identity card or an invoice issued with your name and address should be prepared for the meeting with the adviser of the company Paleo.

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